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We have identified a significant gap in the education of students who wish to excel in trading the Foreign Exchange market (FOREX).


Our energetic team of experienced professional traders and analysts have set upon a mission to close that gap.


Combining unparalleled knowledge with proprietary implementation allows our educators to teach, coach, and mentor each student to develop the skills necessary to become a profitable forex trader.


The stock market has historically been fraught with risk and volatility unknown to those who trade currency. The unpredictable stock exchange often suffers from the influences of insider trader, stock manipulation, CEO scandals, company mismanagement and bankruptcies, false product reports, government regulation, and other negative market tendencies all of which have no effect on FOREX.



The Foreign Exchange market trades twenty four hours a day and provides the stability and flexibility upon which professionals and students rely.


Our team trades FOREX exclusively as it is a more lucrative market, and is devoted to teaching the disciplines necessary to master the art of currency pair analysis. 


The trading academy provides a challenging course of instruction with a concentration in understanding and utilizing technical analysis and key indicators to hone in on predictable and profitable trades. Professionals and students will practice an easy-to-follow system that can be customized to each individuals’ trading goals and level of risk. The interactive and personalized nature of the program targets students of varying levels of expertise from beginners to advanced. 


Technical analysis applied to the FOREX market

• 6 trillion dollars traded daily

• Applicable for fund managers and finance professionals

• Learn how to “push the button” and follow systematic check list

• Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

• Interactive sessions in real time

• Accredited, flexible, convenient class times

• Diverse products

• Ability to have our team trade for you





To educate concerning the foreign exchange market, predictably, affordably, and successfully.



Daniel Graham

President, Senior Trader and Head Instructor

Independent financial advisor (series 7, 63, 65, 32) and

Wall Street professional since 2007.

Clement Quilliec
Managing Director, Senior Trader and Instructor.
Holds a MBA Degree in Investment
Philip Khatana
Director of Education, Senior Trader
Owner and Operator of
Muhammad Areebulhaq
Senior Trader and Instructor
About The Foreign Exchange Trading Academy
Susan Flores
Marketing/Design Coordinator
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