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Is it good to read books or use resources online?


Of course. We have hundreds if not thousands of resources that we give to clients to help them make a customized binder. In addition, our brand new textbook is now available here on Amazon (Kindle Version) or you can contact us for a special discount! 

Although its good to read about trading, its still a skill, thus action is still needed. The analogy is a beach lifeguard who is ready to start working without ever swimming before. At some point one must jump into the water, and perfect it like any other learned skill. Its just like learning a language. The benefit here is that one can have the ability to ask questions and have a second pair of eyes on trading no matter what level of expertise. for daily charts and personal jounraling by one of our students/senior traders and for news. 

What kind of commitment is needed?


We're extremely flexible, yet structured. There are people who do 4-6 hours a week every week to as little as 1 hour a month. Schedules change and things happen. We understand that. As Financial Advisors we would like for you to feel financially comfortable with the pricing, thats why we encourage you to call us.

Is Forex the only market you teach/advise?


We help people with all markets. We primarily deal with Forex, however, we cover other markets upon request such as options or commodity futues trading. We also tutor series 3,7,34,55, and 65 exams, which is usually complimentary.

Where can I find more information?


You can email us at for any questions,

or you can find more information here.

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