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Forex Curriculum 

This trading program offers a 14 week course with available lifetime resources. It is flexible (based around your schedule) that includes Commodity Futures, and Options, but we primarily focus on Foreign Exchange.

This program allows you to learn from anywhere around the world, because it is an interactive personalized online session with a head instructor.  We do have a Curriculum for options and Futures as well. 


After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion as a certified Forex trader.


These are topics covered by our programs:


Forex A to Z

Birth of the modern Forex market

What is Forex

Opening hours

Who takes part to Forex Market

How are exchange rate determined?

Differences between Forex and Equity trading

   -   Speculative not investment

   -   Not based on material property

   -   Trading equity is more expensive

Why currency traders do not care about recession

Is return on investment achievable ?

Main currency

   -  USD

   -  Euro

   -  Yen

   -  British Pound

Drivers of Forex market

   -  Economic Growth

   -  Interest rates

   -  Trade balance

   -  Political Stability

Main technical indicators

   -  Moving average

   -  Bollinger Bands

   -  Relative strength index

   -  Stochastical Analysis

   -  Fibonacci


Indicators and Patterns

Line Charts

Bar Charts

Candelstrick Charts

Support and resistance


Triangle Patterns

   -  Symmetrical

   -  Ascending

   -  Descending

Head and Shoulders Pattern

Double Top

Engulfing Pattern

Ichimoku cloud bounce


Forex Technical Strategies

Intra-day trading

Intraweek trading

Trend Trading

Range Trading

News Trading


Breakout Strategy

Bet against breakout

Exist strategy


Trader Psychology

The importance of trading rule

Avoid revenge-trading and over-trading






Risk Management

Risk per trade ( no more than x% of total capital, limit risk rate to x%)

Overall exposure

Stop-loss and take-profit

Expected return

Limit us of leverage


Option Hedge

Trading Journal


Advanced Currency trading strategies

Fibonacci Trading

Candle strategy

Trend Line trading strategy

Heikin-Ashi two bar strategy

Ikh-Ha strategy

Forex Option

Position trading

Running a successful Forex Business

The Syllabus is only used for University/College purposes


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