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Options Course & Curriculum 


This course covers the most basic and important parts in options trading. By the end of the 5 hour long interactive classes, which each span an hour, students will have knowledge of how the options market operates, how options are used, priced, and how financial institutions hedge their risks when they trade the products.


Recommended Readings

Hull, John C. Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives, 9th Edition



More advanced material and practice excel will be covered as time permits.


Outline and Schedule

Week 1

Introduction about options/opening a demo account

Buying calls

Buying Puts

Selling Calls

Selling Puts

Strike Price

Levels of Trading

Contracts and Contract Prices


Week 2           

Properties of options

Open Interest

Time Value

Intrinsic Value

Volatility Resources

Speculation and Hedging

Different types of orders


Week 3  

Trading strategies involving options

Simple strategies



Horizontal and Vertical Pricing

Index Trading


Week 4

News and Resources

What we need to realize in the real world

Taking advantages of different situations

News Sources to look at

Different Resources to consider


Week 5

Choosing analyzing and executing different trades and executing them

Psychological evaluation

Dealing with Trading emotions



Finding your check list

$375 for 5 weeks


contact our head treader for pricing options

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